ISBN: 9781903499474

Transatlantic Conflict and Consensus: Culture, History & Politics

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Roberta Haar and Neil Wynn (Eds.)



This volume of essays originated from a conference held at the then Maastricht (now Middelburg) Centre for Transatlantic Studies in 2006. MCTS is a consortium of U.S., Mexican, and European institutions that brings together students and faculty in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences to study issues and developments that both unite and separate countries on either side of the Atlantic. These papers explore the range of shared and sometimes confl icting concerns not just in international relations (although that is an important part of the collection), but also on historical, cultural, and political issues. In doing so, they highlight the variety of different ways in which transatlantic studies can offer insights into experiences that cross simple national and physical boundaries both in the past and present day.