Tender Evaluation for Practitioners: The Art and Science of Good Evaluation

£ 18.95

Andrew Shorter



Evaluation models are often an underrated part of the tendering process. Too often are they looked upon as simply a means to find the ‘cheapest’ or ‘the best’ or simply ‘the winner’ whereas, in fact, the value they can add to a procurement process and the ensuing contract can be considerable.

In this book, we look at a whole range of evaluation principles, models and techniques and see what added value they can offer to the outcome of a tender process. The examples range from the very simple to the complex, and cover evaluation at a questionnaire and selection stage as well as the bid stage of small and large projects.

In all instances, the book explains not only the purpose of the model or method, but also the logic on which it is based so that you can then expand on the principle and develop models of your own. The book also highlights any shortcomings so that you can be on your guard in this respect, too.