ISBN: 9781903499986

Sociology: An Introduction and Beyond

£ 34.95

John T. Pullinger



The aim of this text is to offer a broad based and sound academic guide to those studying sociology at the pre-university stage and / or during their university studies. It is also intended to assist the inquisitive mature reader to adopt a reflective and insightful outlook on society through the lens of sociological theories and concepts.

Making no assumptions about the reader’s prior knowledge in the subject area, the text is written in a direct and accessible style which enables the reader to develop a complex understanding of the subject area. This is assisted by the structure of each chapter which:

• is introduced by an abstract overview that is designed to orientate the reader to the forthcoming chapter content

• provides an introduction to the terrain of the topic area of the chapter

• alerts the reader to the challenges faced and typical preconceptions that need to be confronted in making a successful transition to a sociological view of the topic area

• with the exception of chapters 1, 14 and 15, highlights and defines key terminology that will be used in the chapter

• is divided into subheadings which identify both the scope and key theme or message of each subsection.