ISBN: 9781903499962

Route 42: A Novel way to Cut Costs, Change Culture and Create Competitiveness

£ 18.95

Dr Richard Russill



This book is primarily about people. These are the practitioners, valued colleagues when I was in the oil business, consulting partners and clients, and executives in all sorts of companies and at all levels with whom I have worked. I respect all these inspirational people and celebrate what they have boldly achieved by trying new approaches … in the process challenging the general view in business about procurement’s role in it.

In doing so they have not only made positive impacts in their companies, but have discovered new capabilities in themselves and the fulfilment that goes with it. Two factors have brought all our minds together. One is the belief that business success comes through people, not despite them. And secondly, that procurement is not a mechanistic function but an intensely human commercial activity.

Procurement’s story needs to be told in a different way. This novel does that, informed as it is by real life and real people.