ISBN: 9781903499993

Practical Supplier Selection and Relationship Management

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Ray Carter & Sharon Croome

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This book was written to address the practical issues around the selection of fit for purpose suppliers and the subsequent management of the relationship with the supplier, from handover to contract close out. The nature of the selection process and the basis for the contract award can have a major impact upon the relationship.

This is particularly true if the selection is not robust, or the supplier feels that they are not gaining mutual commercial benefit due to a win/lose outcome. By the same token, a supplier who is robust and appropriate, but finds the relationship badly managed by the customer, will soon feel aggrieved and will become inflexible and unresponsive.

This book is designed to provide practical guidance on the selection and evaluation of suppliers, vendors and contractors of any resources brought into the organisation. This will be framed around the 10Cs Model and is written by the creator of the model, Dr Ray Carter.The second part of the book, written by IACCM SRM expert Sharon Croome, will cover the management and development of suppliers, vendors and contractors post award. It will be framed around the IACCM SRM process.