ISBN: 9781903499955

Practical Contract Management

£ 16.95

Ray Carter, Steve Kirby and Alan Oxenbury



This book covers both the hard and soft issues regarding contract management. As well as looking at, for example, how to hold an inaugural meeting or deal with a contractual claim, we also discuss the nature of the relationship with the contractor, looking at both adversarial and collaborative models as well as measures you might take to motivate the contractor.

This second edition contains many examples of good and bad practices in the context of contract management, as well as additional chapters relating to Developing Scopes of Work, Leasing Contracts and International Contracting. The book is written from the standpoint of getting it right first time; we view good contract management as a positive value-adding process.

Nevertheless, the book does not shy away from the fact that things do and will go wrong, and therefore there are also chapters on dispute resolution and legal issues that might affect the individual managing the contract. It is clear from reports from IACCM, government bodies and private sector research that there is scope for substantial savings through good contract management. It is a professional discipline that should be carried out by professionals, which should lead to better contractor performance.