ISBN: 9781903499320

Essential Topics in British Politics and Government

£ 19.99

Cocker, Phil and Jones, Alistair



This highly successful text, originally written by Phil Cocker, has been completely revised by Alistair Jones and up-dated to cover recent developments on the political scene. Essential Topics is a key text for students at A/S, A2 and undergraduate courses in British Government and Politics, as well as Citizenship. It covers a wide range of important topics that are essential elements of the curriculum. Unlike many other texts, Essential Topics focuses upon particular aspects of general subject areas.

Each chapter analyses a key question, such as:

Does Britain need a written constitution? Is Britain still ‘the dirty man of Europe’? Is there still a glass ceiling? Is Britain still the ‘reluctant’ European? Are we moving towards a federal Britain? Is there now a Presidential Prime Minister?

These and a range of other questions are examined in detail. Definitions of key terms are highlighted, and a summary of key terms is provided at the end of each chapter. Added to this, supplementary reading lists and internet sites are also included to enable students to utilise a wide variety of resources.