ISBN: 9781903499924


£ 11.95

Alastair McGregor



Demanufactured is for advocates of change in education who want to take action. It also serves as a beginner’s guide to psychological school improvement.

An authentic, positive and dangerous journey into what happens when as an educator you start to ask why… Why do we tolerate the manufacturing of education? The book challenges many of the obsolete rituals that are in present education systems.

It also introduces some new psychological foundations for educators to build on. Demanufactured is easy to read and empowering. It contains new ways of using positive psychology for teachers that many classroom practitioners will find useful.

Demanufactured uses cutting edge research to enable deep grappling with the entrenched practices, values and heterodoxies in education. Let’s stop trying to improve a system by 5% when it needs improving 5x. Children in our education system have one chance. It’s not our Education, it’s theirs…