ISBN: 1903499909, 9781903499900

Betrayal The Murder of Robert Nairac GC

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Alistair Kerr

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This is the updated second edition of Betrayal The Murder of Robert Nairac GC. New information has come to light, including evidence that exonerates Nairac from complicity in a number of murders that took place in Northern Ireland, and the Republic during The Troubles. There are also never-before-seen images of Nairac’s service pistol and holster, as well as the weapon of Liam Townson, Nairac’s murderer.

Some factual errors have been updated, new information on some of the characters who featured in Nairac’s life has been included, and other general bits of information have been updated. This book remains the best-researched and most definitive piece of work on Nairac.

About the Author
Alistair Kerr was born in Scotland. His father was an officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps, who later became an academic. Alistair studied History and Law at the University of Edinburgh and later became a civil servant. During his Law studies, which included Forensic Medicine, he was shown the pickled remains of the wife of a notorious murderer to whom he is distantly related, Dr Buck Ruxton, hanged in 1936, although he was then unaware of his relationship to him. Another ancestor was accused of complicity in a poisoning murder in the 17th century: unsurprisingly, he has an interest in murder mysteries. He has lived, worked and travelled in a number of countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe, France and Australia and now divides his time between Scotland, Lincolnshire and London.