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Renowned Sociology author, scholar and lecturer John T. Pullinger has produced arguably the most comprehensive study guide to Sociology published in recent times.

Sociology: An Introduction and Beyond, published in April 2020, covers a vast array of sociological subjects ranging from approaches, philosophy and how to become a sociologist to the myriad factors that influence modern sociology today, including politics, religion, family dynamics, education, society, power and more.

Pullinger is careful to balance theoretical knowledge with practical, relevant application to ensure the reader is able to learn and apply the learnings in the modern context. Pullinger makes no assumptions about the reader’s prior knowledge in the subject area, and so writes in a direct and accessible style which enables the reader to develop a complex understanding of the subject area.

Each chapter is introduced by an abstract overview that is designed to orientate the reader to the forthcoming chapter content, and provides an introduction to the terrain of the topic area of the chapter. Furthermore, Pullinger alerts the reader to the challenges faced and typical preconceptions that need to be confronted in making a successful transition to a sociological view of the topic area.